第11章 レスリーの身の上


You see, dearie, Abner Moore held the mortgage on the West farm, and the interest was overdue some years, and Dick just went and told Mrs. West that if Leslie wouldn't marry him he'd get his father to foreclose the mortgage. Rose carried on terrible--fainted and wept, and pleaded with Leslie not to let her be turned out of her home. She said it would break her heart to leave the home she'd come to as a bride. I wouldn't have blamed her for feeling dreadful bad over it--but you wouldn't have thought she'd be so selfish as to sacrifice her own flesh and blood because of it, would you? Well, she was.

And Leslie gave in--she loved her mother so much she would have done anything to save her pain. She married Dick Moore.

   hold a mortgage  抵当にとっている、 担保に取っている

   overdue  adj.  未払いの、支払期限の過ぎた

      Ex. an overdue gas bill  支払い期限の過ぎたガス代請求書

   foreclose  vt.  抵当流れ処分にする

   carry on  泣いたりわめいたりする、取り乱す

   one's own flesh and blood  自分の肉親、 身内

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第10章 レスリームーア


She(Anne) caught up her skirt and pirouetted along the hard strip of sand just out of reach of the waves that almost lapped her feet with their spent foam. Whirling round and round, laughing like a child, she reached the little headland that ran out to the east of the cove; then she stopped suddenly, blushing crimson; she was not alone; there had been a witness to her dance and laughter.

The girl of the golden hair and sea-blue eyes was sitting on a boulder of the headland, half-hidden by a jutting rock. She was looking straight at Anne with a strange expression--part wonder, part sympathy, part--could it be?--envy.

   pirouette  vi.  つま先旋回する。

   whirl round  ぐるぐる踊りまわる。 

   headland  n.  岬

   cove  n.  入り江、小湾

   crimson  n.  深紅色

   boulder  n. 丸石

   jutting  adj.  突き出た

         Ex. a jutting chin  突き出たあご

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第9章 フォア・ウインズ灯台

"You've made this little house just about perfect," he told Anne. "It never was so nice before. Mistress Selwyn had your taste and she did wonders; but folks in those days didn't have the pretty little curtains and pictures and nicknacks you have. As for Elizabeth, she lived in the past. You've kinder brought the future into it, so to speak. I'd be real happy even if we couldn't talk at all, when I come here--jest to sit and look at you and your pictures and your flowers would be enough of a treat. It's beautiful--beautiful."

Captain Jim was a passionate worshipper of beauty. Every lovely thing heard or seen gave him a deep, subtle, inner joy that irradiated his life.

   do wonders  素晴らしい事をする 、奇跡を行う

   nicknack  n.  小さい装飾物

   kinder = kind of 大体、ほとんど

     Ex.  It's kind of unlikely.  まあありそうもないことだ。

   a treat  すばらしく、申し分なく

   irradiate  vt.  〜を明るくする、 〜を照らす



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第8章 ミス・コーネリアの訪問

アンは、近所の家に生まれる望まれない8番目の赤ちゃんのために思いっきり綺麗な服を作ってやろうとするミス・ コーネリアをますます好きになるのを感じます。

I s'pose I'm a fool, to be putting hand embroidery on this dress for an eighth baby. But, Lord, Mrs. Blythe, dearie, it isn't to blame for being the eighth, and I kind of wished it to have one real pretty dress, just as if it was wanted. Nobody's wanting the poor mite--so I put some extra fuss on its little things just on that account."

"Any baby might be proud of that dress," said Anne, feeling still more strongly that she was going to like Miss Cornelia.

   embroideri n.  刺繍

   dearie  n.  あなた、親愛なる人

   mite n. 小さな子供

   fuss  n.  空騒ぎ

     Ex. make a great fuss over a person 


   on that account  そのために



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第7章 教師の花嫁

アンがこれから結婚生活を始める夢の家には、かつて3人の花嫁が暮らした事があります。 一番初めにこの家で暮らすことになる花嫁さんは、船でやってくることになっていました。ところが2ヶ月たっても花嫁は来ません。 花婿である教師のジョンが絶望に打ちひしがれていたある時、不思議な事が起こりました。

He turned his head and looked at me. I've never forgot his face-- never will forget it till I ships for my last voyage.

"`All is well, lad,' he says. `I've seen the Royal William coming around East Point. She will be here by dawn. Tomorrow night I shall sit with my bride by my own hearth-fire.'

"Do you think he did see it?" demanded Captain Jim abruptly.

"God knows," said Gilbert softly. "Great love and great pain might compass we know not what marvels."

"I am sure he did see it," said Anne earnestly.

   lad  n.  君、若者

   hearth  n.  炉辺

   compass  vt.  成就する

   marvels  n.  奇跡、驚くべきこと

       might compass we know not what marvels 


   earnestly  adv.  まじめに、真剣に、 熱心に

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