"The pink roses are love hopeful and expectant--the white roses are love dead or forsaken--but the red roses--ah, Leslie, what are the red roses?"

"Love triumphant," said Leslie in a low voice.

"Yes--love triumphant and perfect. Leslie, you know--you understand. I have loved you from the first. And I know you love me--I don't need to ask you. But I want to hear you say it--my darling-- my darling!"

Leslie said something in a very low and tremulous voice. Their hands and lips met; it was life's supreme moment for them and as they stood there in the old garden, with its many years of love and delight and sorrow and glory, he crowned her shining hair with the red, red rose of a love triumphant.

   expectant  n.  期待する人

   triumphant  adj.  勝利を得た愛

   in a tremulous voice adj.  震え声で

   supreme  adj.  最高の

      Ex. wupreme wisdom  最高の英知

   crown  ・・・ with〜   〜で・・・をおおう

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"Since you are determined to be married, Miss Cornelia," said Gilbert solemnly, "I shall give you the excellent rules for the management of a husband which my grandmother gave my mother when she married my father."

"Well, I reckon I can manage Marshall Elliott," said Miss Cornelia placidly. "But let us hear your rules."

"The first one is, catch him."

"He's caught. Go on."

"The second one is, feed him well."

"With enough pie. What next?"

"The third and fourth are--keep your eye on him."

"I believe you," said Miss Cornelia emphatically.

   solemnly  adv. まじめくさって、しかつめらしく

   reckon  vt.  思う、推測する

     Ex. I reckon he's over sixty.


   manage  vt.  上手に扱う、操縦する

     Ex.  Though he's short-tempered, his wife manages him with ease.


     placidly  adv. 落着いて

  empaticaly  adv.  力強く




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When Gilbert teased her she laughed Sir Oracle to scorn.

"He never had any children of his own, Gilbert--I am positive he hadn't or he would never have written such rubbish. You just can't help talking baby talk to a baby. It comes natural--and it's right. It would be inhuman to talk to those tiny, soft, velvety little creatures as we do to great big boys and girls. Babies want love and cuddling and all the sweet baby talk they can get, and Little Jem is going to have it.."

   tease  vt.  からかう

      Ex. The teased John about his baldness.


   or he would never have written〜 そうでなければ〜を書くはずがない。

   scorn vt.  軽蔑する、さげすむ

      Ex. We scorn liars and hypocrites.


   cuddle  vt.  抱き締める

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 "Blythe will find he is making a mistake, believe me. Politics is something no decent man should meddle with."

"Is the government of the country to be left solely to the rogues then?" asked Anne.

"Yes--so long as it's Conservative rogues," said Miss Cornelia, marching off with the honors of war. "Men and politicians are all tarred with the same brush. "

   meddle  vi.  干渉する

      Ex.  Don't meddle in other people's affairs.


   rogue  n.  悪党、ごろつき、悪漢

   the honors of war  降伏した敵に許す恩典

   be tarred with the same brush  他の人と同様の欠点がある。


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第34章 夢の船港へ着く


"Marilla, Anne has sent me to tell you that a certain young gentleman has arrived here. He hasn't brought much luggage with him, but he evidently means to stay."

"For pity's sake!" said Marilla blankly. "You don't mean to tell me, Gilbert, that it's all over. Why wasn't I called?"

"Anne wouldn't let us disturb you when there was no need. Nobody was called until about two hours ago. There was no `passage perilous' this time."

"And--and--Gilbert--will this baby live?"

"He certainly will. He weighs ten pounds and--why, listen to him. Nothing wrong with his lungs, is there? The nurse says his hair will be red. Anne is furious with her, and I'm tickled to death."

That was a wonderful day in the little house of dreams.

"The best dream of all has come true," said Anne, pale and rapturous. "Oh, Marilla, I hardly dare believe it, after that horrible day last summer. I have had a heartache ever since then--but it is gone now."

   for pity's sake  お願いだから

       blankly  adv.  きっぱりと; 完全に

       perilous  adj  危険な,冒険的な

       be tickled  喜ぶ,楽しむ,笑う

              Ex. She was tickled with this suggestion. 彼女はこの提案に大喜びした.
       rapturous  adj.  有頂天の,狂喜した; 熱狂させる

              Ex. rapturous delight 狂喜するほどのうれしさ

       heartache  n.  心痛,悲嘆

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