第33章 レスリー帰る


"It is all so strange and wonderful, Leslie. I think we none of us realise it yet."

"I cannot. When I went into the house over there an hour ago, I felt that it must be a dream--that Dick must be there, with his childish smile, as he had been for so long. Anne, I seem stunned yet. I'm not glad or sorry--or anything. I feel as if something had been torn suddenly out of my life and left a terrible hole. I feel as if I couldn't be I--as if I must have changed into somebody else and couldn't get used to it. It gives me a horrible lonely, dazed, helpless feeling. It's good to see you again--it seems as if you were a sort of anchor for my drifting soul. "

   stun  vt.  ぼうっとさせる

    Ex.  They were stunned by her beauty.


   tear  vt. ひきちぎる、剥ぎ取る

   daze vt.  呆然とさせる、ぼーっとさせる

    Ex. Her question dazed him. 


   helpless  adj.  頼るもののない

    Ex.  a helpless orphan  よるべのない孤児


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第32章 ミス・コーネリアの意見


"How does Leslie seem to take it?"

"She writes like one dazed. I think that, like ourselves, she hardly realises it yet. She says, `It all seems like a strange dream to me, Anne.' That is the only reference she makes to herself."

"Poor child! I suppose when the chains are struck off a prisoner he'd feel queer and lost without them for a while. Anne, dearie, here's a thought keeps coming into my mind. What about Owen Ford? We both know Leslie was fond of him. Did it ever occur to you that he was fond of her?"

   daze vt.  ぼーっとさせる、呆然とさせる

      Ex.  Her question dazed him.


   reference  n.  言及すること

   strike off  打ち落とす

   queer  adj.  妙な、変な

      Ex.  It's a queer that she didn't come. 


   thought  n.  考え



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第31章 解放

アンはレスリーから思いも寄らぬ手紙を受け取ります。ギルバートが勧めた手術により、 レスリーの人生に明るい未来が見え始めてきました。

"I'll try to tell you. I've had a letter, and oh, Gilbert, it's all so amazing--so incredibly amazing--we never thought--not one of us ever dreamed--"

"I suppose," said Gilbert, sitting down with a resigned air, "the only thing to do in a case of this kind is to have patience and go at the matter categorically. "

Anne lifted the letter and held it out, calmly dramatic in a moment.

"There is no Dick! The man we have thought Dick Moore-- whom everybody in Four Winds has believed for twelve years to be Dick Moore--is his cousin, George Moore, of Nova Scotia, who, it seems, always resembled him very strikingly. Dick Moore died of yellow fever thirteen years ago in Cuba."

   resigned  adj.  あきらめている、 忍従している

      Ex. with a resigned look

      go at  〜に懸命にとりかかる、激しい口調で攻撃する

      Ex. He went at it for all he was worth.


   categorically  adv.  きっぱり、断固として、 頭から

   hold out  差し出す

      Ex. She held a sandwich out to him.


   it seems  〜らしい


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第30章 レスリーの決意

アンは、ギルバートにとっても、レスリーにディックが治るかもしれないと伝える事が苦渋の決断であり、 それを攻め立てた事について後悔していました。

Anne looked at him remorsefully; then she slipped down on the rug beside him and laid her glossy red head on his arm.

"Gilbert, I've been rather hateful over this. I won't be any more. Please just call me red-headed and forgive me."

By which Gilbert understood that, no matter what came of it, there would be no I-told-you-so's. But he was not wholly comforted. Duty in the abstract is one thing; duty in the concrete is quite another, especially when the doer is confronted by a woman's stricken eyes.

   remorsefully  adv.  良心の呵責に絶えず、 後悔して

   hateful  adj.  ひどくいやな、憎らしい

   come of  〜から生じる、起こる

     Ex. That comes of your carelessness.


   in the abstract  抽象的な

   in the concrete  具体的に

   doer  n.  行為者

   stricken  adj.  悲嘆にくれた、 打ちひしがれた

     Ex. a stricken expression  悲嘆にくれた表情


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第28章 医師ギルバート


" I took the opportunity to examine the scars on his head thoroughly. I've always thought Dick was a very interesting case from a medical point of view. Lately I've been studying the history of trephining and the cases where it has been employed. Anne, I have come to the conclusion that if Dick Moore were taken to a good hospital and the operation of trephining performed on several places in his skull, his memory and faculties might be restored."

"Gilbert!" Anne's voice was full of protest. "Surely you don't mean it!"

"I do, indeed. And I have decided that it is my duty to broach the subject to Leslie." 

      trephining  n. 冠状のこぎりで手術する事

   employ  vt.  用いる、使用する

       Ex.  employ a new method  新しい方法を用いる 

   skull n. 頭蓋骨

   faculty  n. 能力、機能

     Ex. the faculty of hearing  聴覚能力

   broach  vt.  切り出す、提案する

           Ex.  He broached the subject to me.



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