第23章 オーエン・フォードきたる


"Who is that beautiful creature?" he asked.

"That is Mrs. Moore," said Anne. "She is very lovely, isn't she?"

"I--I never saw anything like her," he answered, rather dazedly. "I wasn't prepared--I didn't expect--good heavens, one doesn't expect a goddess for a landlady ! Why, if she were clothed in a gown of sea-purple, with a rope of amethysts in her hair, she would be a veritable sea-queen. "

   dazedly  adv.  目がくらんで、ぼーっとして

   prepared  adj. 心構えができて

       Ex. I wasn't prepared for such bad treatment.


   good heavens  これは驚いた

   goddess  n.  女神

       Ex. the goddess of love  恋愛の女神

   veritable  adj.  紛れもない


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第22章 ミス・コーネリアの手腕


"Leslie's going to take him," she announced. "She jumped at the chance. She wants to make a little money to shingle the roof of her house this fall, and she didn't know how she was going to manage it. I expect Captain Jim'll be more than interested when he hears that a grandson of the Selwyns' is coming here. Leslie said to tell you she hankered after cherry pie, but she couldn't come to tea because she has to go and hunt up her turkeys. They've strayed away. But she said, if there was a piece left, for you to put it in the pantry and she'd run over in the cat's light, when prowling's in order, to get it. You don't know, Anne, dearie, what good it did my heart to hear Leslie send you a message like that, laughing like she used to long ago.

There's a great change come over her lately. She laughs and jokes like a girl, and from her talk I gather she's here real often."

"Every day--or else I'm over there," said Anne. "
   shingle  vt.  〈屋根を〉こけら板でふく.

        hanker  vi.  〔手の届かないものを〕あこがれる,こがれる, 渇望する
                     Ex.  hanker after [for] a new car 新車を渇望する.

        hunt up  隠れているものなどを〉捜し求める, 捜す; 捜し出す, (捜して)見つける
                     Ex.  hunt up old records 古い記録を捜し出す.
    cat's light  ここでは夕暮れをさす。
        prow  vi.  うろつく
          Ex.  Homeless dogs prowled about in the streets.


硬度別・地域別・用途別 水が見つかる「水広場」

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第21章 沈黙のせきを破って


"I felt the resentment in your eyes--then I doubted--I thought I must be mistaken--because why should it be?"

"It was because you looked so happy. Oh, you'll agree with me now that I am a hateful beast--to hate another woman just because she was happy,--and when her happiness didn't take anything from me! That was why I never went to see you. I knew quite well I ought to go--even our simple Four Winds customs demanded that. But I couldn't. I used to watch you from my window--I could see you and your husband strolling about your garden in the evening--or you running down the poplar lane to meet him. And it hurt me. And yet in another way I wanted to go over. I felt that, if I were not so miserable, I could have liked you and found in you what I've never had in my life--an intimate, real friend of my own age. And then you remember that night at the shore? You were afraid I would think you crazy. You must have thought I was."
   resentment  n.  (長く続くまたはうっせきした)憤り, 立腹
                       Ex.  He felt resentment at the way he had been treated.
       why should it be  なぜそうしなければならないのか?→そんなはずはない。
       hateful  adj.  憎むべき,ひどくいやな, いまいましい.
       take + 目+from + (代)名詞 〈…を〉〔…から〕得る,取り出す
                       Ex.  This medicine takes its name from the inventor.

   go over   〔家などへ〕(訪ねて)行く

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第20章 ジム船長のロマンス


"I am glad you have told me about her," said Anne. "I have often wondered why you had lived all your life alone."

"I couldn't ever care for anyone else. Lost Margaret took my heart with her--out there," said the old lover, who had been faithful for fifty years to his drowned sweetheart. "You won't mind if I talk a good deal about her, will you, Mistress Blythe? It's a pleasure to me--for all the pain went out of her memory years ago and just left its blessing. I know you'll never forget her, Mistress Blythe. And if the years, as I hope, bring other little folks to your home, I want you to promise me that you'll tell them the story of lost Margaret, so that her name won't be forgotten among humankind."
   lost   adj.  死んだ; 破損した
                 Ex.  give up for lost 死んだものとあきらめる

      drowned   adj.  おぼれ死んだ
                 Ex.  a drowned body 溺死体

      a good deal  かなりたくさん(の量)  

                 Ex. He reads a good deal. 彼はかなりたくさんの本を読む.

    blessing  n.  祝福

           just left its blessing  祝福だけが残る       

      go out of   〜から消える  

                  Ex. The heat went out of the debate.



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第19章 あかつきとたそがれ


"I love Gilbert more than ever--and I want to live for his sake. But it seems as if part of me was buried over there in that little harbor graveyard-- and it hurts so much that I'm afraid of life."

"It won't hurt so much always, Anne."

We all love you, Anne. Captain Jim has been up every day to ask for you--and Mrs. Moore haunts the place--and Miss Bryant spends most of her time, I think, cooking up nice things for you. Susan doesn't like it very well. She thinks she can cook as well as Miss Bryant."

"Dear Susan! Oh, everybody has been so dear and good and lovely to me, Marilla. I'm not ungrateful--and perhaps--when this horrible ache grows a little less--I'll find that I can go on living."

   up  adv.  ほうへ、近づいて

      haunt  vt.  足しげく通う、たびたび行く

      Ex. He haunts bars.  彼は酒場によく行く。

   dear  adj.  いとしい

   ungrateful  adj.  恩知らずな

   grow  vi. 次第に〜になる



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