"I'll . . . I'll just pretend I'm not afraid," he said aloud . . . and then shuddered with terror over the lost sound of his own voice in the great night.

But he went on . . . one had to go on when Mother was going to die. Once he fell and bruised and skinned his knee badly on a stone. Once he heard a buggy coming along behind him and hid behind a tree till it passed, terrified lest Dr. Parker had discovered he had gone and was coming after him. Once he stopped in sheer terror of something black and furry sitting on the side of the road. He could not pass it . . . he could not . . . but he did. It was a big black dog . . . Was it a dog? . . . but he was past it. He dared not run lest it chase him. He stole a desperate glance over his shoulder . . . it had got up and was loping away in the opposite direction. Walter put his little brown hand up to his face and found it wet with sweat.

   shudder  vi.  身震いする

        Ex. It gives me the shudders.  それにはぞっとする。

   skin one's knee  ひざをすりむく

   lest  接続詞 〜しはすまいかと

        Ex. I was afraid lest he should come too late.


   dare  vt.  あえて〜する、思い切って〜する


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第8章 きんぽうげの花の道


"I heard Mom say you believed in fairies," Andy said, leering impudently.

Walter gazed levelly at him. He was not going to be downed before Alice.

"There are fairies," he said stoutly.

"There ain't," said Andy.

"There are," said Walter.

It was torture to Walter, who had never been made fun of before and couldn't take it. He bit his lips to keep the tears back. He must not cry before Alice.

   leering  adj.  横目を使う、 いやらしい目つきの

   impudently  adv. 厚かましく

   gaze levelly at  真直ぐに〜を見据える

   down  vt.  打ち負かす

       Ex. He downed his opponent with one punch.


   stoutly adv.  断固として




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第7章 ロードブリッジへの旅


"He'll have plenty of company . . . he won't be lonesome . . . our four . . . and my niece and nephew from Montreal are visiting us. What one doesn't think of the others do."

Big, sonsy, jolly Mrs. Dr. Parker smiled expansively at Walter . . . who returned the smile somewhat aloofly. He wasn't altogether sure he liked Mrs. Parker in spite of her smiles and jollity. There was too much of her, somehow. Dr. Parker he did like.  Dr. Parker and Dad were great friends, though Walter had a feeling now and again that Mother could have got along very well without Mrs. Parker. Even at six, Walter, as Anne realized, could see things that other children could not.

   company  n.  仲間、連れ、友達

         Ex.. get into bad company  悪友の仲間に入る

   What on doesn't think of the others do (think of).


   sonsy n. 〈女性が〉快活な, 陽気で愛くるしい[美しい]

       expansively  adv. 屈託のない

   aloofly adv.  よそよそしく、超然と

   jollity  n.  陽気


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第6章 いなくなったジェム

ジェム坊やがいなくなって、みんながほうぼうを捜索します。そしてすべて捜索しつくしたころ、 部屋の戸のうしろの窓の腰掛に寝ているのをスーザンが発見し、アンは安心と喜びで気が遠くなる思いで部屋に入ります。

Anne, weak with relief and joy, got herself into the room and dropped on her knees by the window-seat.

"Jem, darling, why aren't you in your bed? We've . . . we've been a little alarmed . . . we couldn't find you . . . and we never thought of looking here . . ."

"I wanted to lie here 'cause I could see you and Daddy drive in at the gate when you got home. It was so lonesome I just had to go to bed."

Mother was lifting him in her arms . . . carrying him to his own bed. It was so nice to be kissed . . . to feel her tucking the sheets about him with those caressing little pats that gave him such a sense of being loved. Who cared about seeing an old snake tattooed, anyhow? Mother was so nice . . . the nicest mother anybody ever had.

   weak with  〜でよわよわしく、〜してよろよろと

   alarmed  adj.  恐れて、不安をかんじて

      Ex. I felt very alarmed about the rumor.


   tuck  vt.  端を押し込む、心地よくくるむ

   caress  vt.  心地よくあたる、優しく扱う

   pat n. 軽くたたくこと、なでること



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第5章 六月百合


Anne was cutting a vaseful of June lilies for her room and another of Susan's peonies for Gilbert's desk in the library . . . the milky-white peonies with the blood-red flecks at their hearts, like a god's kiss. The air was coming alive after the unusually hot June day and one could hardly tell whether the harbour were silver or gold.

"There's going to be a wonderful sunset tonight, Susan," she said, looking in at the kitchen window as she passed it.

"I cannot admire the sunset until I have got my dishes washed, Mrs. Dr. dear," protested Susan.

"It will be gone by that time, Susan. Look at that enormous white cloud towering up over the Hollow, with its rosy-pink top. Wouldn't you like to fly up and light on it?"

Susan had a vision of herself flying up over the glen, dishcloth in hand, to that cloud. It did not appeal to her.

   peony  n.  シャクヤク

   fleck  n.  斑点

   heart  n.  (花・果物などの)芯、樹芯

   light on  〜に降りて止まる

   glen  n.  峡谷、谷間  Ex. Glen Affric  アフリック峡谷


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