第2章 村の噂


And Thomas Carlyle is nine. They call him Carl, and he has a regular mania for collecting toads and bugs and frogs and bringing them into the house."

"I suppose he was responsible for the dead rat that was lying on a chair in the parlour the afternoon Mrs. Grant called. It gave her a turn," said Susan, "and I do not wonder, for manse parlours are no places for dead rats. To be sure it may have been the cat who left it, there. HE is as full of the old Nick as he can be stuffed, Mrs. Dr. dear. A manse cat should at least LOOK respectable, in my opinion, whatever he really is. But I never saw such a rakish-looking beast. And he walks along the ridgepole of the manse almost every evening at sunset, Mrs. Dr. dear, and waves his tail, and that is not becoming."

   parlour  n.  客間、居間(現在ではliving roomが一般的)

   a turn n. ぎょっとする(させる)こと

         Ex. The sight gave me quite a turn.


   manse  n.  牧師館

   old Nick  n.  悪魔

   rakish  adj.  放蕩な

   becoming  adj.  ふさわしい

         Ex.  Such conduct is not becoming to a respected businessman.



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第1章 帰郷


"Here is Cornelia Bryant coming up the harbour road, Mrs. Dr. dear," said Susan. "She will be coming up to unload threemonths' gossip on us."

"I hope so," said Anne, hugging her knees. "I'm starving for Glen St. Mary gossip, Susan. I hope Miss Cornelia can tell me everything that has happened while we've been away--EVERYTHING-- who has got born, or married, or drunk; who has died, or gone away, or come, or fought, or lost a cow, or found a beau. It's so delightful to be home again with all the dear Glen folks, and I want to know all about them. Why, I remember wondering, as I walked through Westminster Abbey which of her two especial beaux Millicent Drew would finally marry. Do you know, Susan, I have a dreadful suspicion that I love gossip."

 "Well, of course, Mrs. Dr. dear," admitted Susan, "every proper woman likes to hear the news. I am rather interested in Millicent Drew's case myself. I never had a beau, much less two, and I do not mind now, for being an old maid does not hurt when you get used to it. Millicent's hair always looks to me as if she had swept it up with a broom. But the men do not seem to mind that."

"They see only her pretty, piquant, mocking, little face, Susan."

   especial  adj.  特別な、 格別の (現在ではspecialのほうが一般的

   beaux  n.  beau の複数形


   suspicion that 〜 〜という感じ

         Ex. I had a suspicion that he was there.


   much less まして〜でない

         Ex. He doesn't even let me use his bicycle, much less his car.


   piquant adj. 人の心を小粋にそそる

   mock vi.  あざける


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今、ソースネクストのホームページで「超字幕/Discovery」シリーズの発売を記念して、 県対抗リスニング大会というのをやっています。Discovery」シリーズのうち、3タイトル 「レボリューションX iPod革命」 「NASA50年 宇宙開発の光と影1」 「 Atlas フランス」 の好きなタイトルのドキュメンタリーを見ながら、 ナレーションやセリフの穴埋め問題に挑戦。 連続で出題される問題を 「聴き取る→タイピングで回答するというものです。毎回問題がランダムに変わるので、何度でも挑戦できます。

私はすべてを試してみたのですが、私にとっては「NASA50年 宇宙開発の光と影1」が一番難しかったです。一番簡単なのは「 Atlas フランス」。「レボリューションX iPod革命」 もそれほど難しくはないのですが、全問正解するのはやはり大変で、 私は正しいスペル入力が苦手なので全国順位89位という順位でした。


ソースネクスト 県対抗 超字幕リスニング大会

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第43章 二つの影


Anne felt like a released bird . . . she was flying again. Gilbert's arms were around her . . . his eyes were looking into hers in the moonlight.

"You do love me, Gilbert? I'm not just a habit with you? You haven't said you loved me for so long."

"My dear, dear love! I didn't think you needed words to know that. I couldn't live without you. Always you give me strength. There's a verse somewhere in the Bible that is meant for you . . . 'She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.'"

Life which had seemed so grey and foolish a few moments before was golden and rose and splendidly rainbowed again. The diamond pendant slipped to the floor, unheeded for the moment. It was beautiful . . . but there were so many things lovelier . . . confidence and peace and delightful work . . . laughter and kindness . . . that old safe feeling of a sure love.

"Oh, if we could keep this moment for ever, Gilbert!"

"We're going to have some moments. It's time we had a second honeymoon. Anne, there's going to be a big medical congress in London next February. We're going to it . . . and after it we'll see a bit of the Old World. There's a holiday coming to us. We'll be nothing but lovers again . . . it will be just like being married over again. You haven't been like yourself for a long time. ("So he had noticed.") You're tired and overworked . . . you need a change. ("You too, dearest. I've been so horribly blind.") I'm not going to have it cast up to me that doctors' wives never get a pill. We'll come back rested and fresh, with our sense of humour completely restored. Well, try your pendant on and let's get to bed. I'm half dead for sleep . . . haven't had a decent night's sleep for weeks, what with twins and worry over Mrs. Garrow."

"What on earth were you and Christine talking about so long in the garden tonight?" asked Anne, peacocking before the mirror with her diamonds.

Gilbert yawned.

"Oh, I don't know. Christine just gabbled on. But here is one fact she presented me with. A flea can jump two hundred times its own length. Did you know that, Anne?"

   unheeded  adj.  留意されない、無視された

          Ex. My advice went unheeded.  私の忠告は無視された。

   Old World  n.  ヨーロッパ

   nothing but 〜 ただ〜のみ、 〜にほかならない

          Ex. I think of nothing but your return. 


   peacock  vt.  着飾る

   gabble  vi.  早口にしゃべる

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第42章 結婚記念日


"Does anybody ever eat philopenas now?" asked Dr. Murray, who had just cracked a twin almond. Christine turned to Gilbert.

"Do you remember that philopena we ate once?" she asked.

("Did a significant look pass between them?")

"Do you suppose I could forget it?" asked Gilbert.

They plunged into a spate of "do-you-remembers," while Anne stared at the picture of fish and oranges hanging over the sideboard. She had never thought that Gilbert and Christine had had so many memories in common. "Do you remember our picnic up the Arm? . . . Do you remember the night we went to the negro church? . . . Do you remember the night we went to the masquerade? . . . you were a Spanish lady in a black velvet dress with a lace mantilla and fan."

Gilbert apparently remembered them all in detail. But he had forgotten his wedding anniversary!

  philopenas  n.  (ゲーム)フィロピーナ


  significant  adj.  意味ありげな

         Ex. a significant nod  意味ありげなうなずき

  pass between 〜の間に起こる

         Ex. Nothing passed between Mary and me. 


  a spate of  (言葉などの)ほとばしり

         Ex.  a spate of words  ほとばしり出る言葉

  manntilla  n. マンティラ(スペイン・ メキシコなどの夫人が頭から肩にかける大きなスカーフ)



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