"Dear Miss Shirley," wrote Rebecca Dew, "I am writing this to bid my farewell because I cannot trust myself to say it. For three years you have sojourned under our roof. The fortunate possessor of a cheerful spirit and a natural taste for the gaieties of youth, you have never surrendered yourself to the vain pleasures of the giddy and fickle crowd. You have conducted yourself on all occasions and to every one, especially the one who pens these lines, with the most refined delicacy. You have always been most considerate of my feelings and I find a heavy gloom on my spirits at the thought of your departure.  ”   

   bid  vt.  述べる、告げる

      Ex. I have come to bid farewell to you.


   sojourn  vi.  滞在する

      Ex. He sojourned with his uncle. 彼はおじの家に一時やっかいになった。

   gaiety  n.  快活、陽気、愉快

   giddy  adj.  軽薄な、うわついた、ふまじめな

      Ex. a giddy fool  うわついたおろか者

   fickle adj.  変わりやすい、気まぐれな、移り気の

      Ex. a fickle woman  浮気な女



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"I'm a wee bit tired after a month of exams and farewells and 'last things.' For a week after I get back to Green Gables I'm going to be lazy . . . do absolutely nothing but run free in a green world of summer loveliness. I'll dream by the Dryad's Bubble in the twilight. I'll drift on the Lake of Shining Waters in a shallop shaped from a moonbeam . . . or in Mr. Barry's flat, if moonbeam shallops are not in season. I'll gather starflowers and June bells in the Haunted Wood. I'll find plots of wild strawberries in Mr. Harrison's hill pasture. I'll join the dance of fireflies in Lover's Lane and visit Hester Gray's old, forgotten garden . . . and sit out on the back door-step under the stars and listen to the sea calling in its sleep.

"And when the week is ended you will be home . . . and I won't want anything else."

   a wee bit  ほんの少し

       Ex.  It's a wee bit tedious.  ちょっぴり退屈だ。

   run free  自由に走る

   loveliness  n.  美しさ

   shallop  n.  (帆, オールで動かす) 小型のボート

       plot  n.  小区画の地所、小地面

       Ex. a vegetable plot  菜園 


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"You were knocked down by a team of runaway horses on the mainland road," said Miss Shirley. "I . . . I wasn't quick enough. I thought you were killed. I brought you right back here in the flat and your . . . this gentleman telephoned for a doctor and nurse."

"Will I die?" said little Elizabeth.

"No, indeed, darling. You were only stunned and you will be all right soon. And, Elizabeth darling, this is your father."

"Father is in France. Am I in France, too?" Elizabeth would not have been surprised at it. Wasn't this Tomorrow? Besides, things were still a bit wobbly.

"Father is very much here, my sweet." He had such a delightful voice . . . you loved him for his voice. He bent and kissed her. "I've come for you. We'll never be separated anymore."

The woman in the white cap was coming in again. Somehow, Elizabeth knew whatever she had to say must be said before she got quite in.

"Will we live together?"

"Always," said Father.

   stun  vt.  気絶させる、気を失わさせる

      Ex.  The fall stunned him.  倒れたショックで彼は気絶した。

   wobbly adj.  ぐらぐらする、不安定な

      Ex.  a wobbly chair  ぐらぐらするいす

   quite  adv.  すっかり、完全に



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"Isn't it nice, walking with the wind like this?" said little Elizabeth.

"A nice, friendly, perfumed wind," said Anne, more to herself than Elizabeth. "Such a wind as I used to think a mistral was. Mistral sounds like that. What a disappointment when I found out it was a rough, disagreeable wind!"

Elizabeth didn't quite understand . . . she had never heard of the mistral . . . but the music of her beloved's voice was enough for her. The very sky was glad. A sailor with gold rings in his ears . . . the very kind of person one would meet in Tomorrow . . . smiled as he passed them. Elizabeth thought of a verse she had learned in Sunday-school . . .  "The little hills rejoice on every side." Had the man who wrote that ever seen hills like those blue ones over the harbor?

   to oneself  自分自身に

   mistral n.  地中海沿岸地方に吹く寒冷な北西風

   disagreeable  adj.  不愉快な

      Ex. have a disagreeable experience   不愉快な経験をする。

   verse n.  詩

   rejoice  vi.  喜ぶ


Color Me Shop! pro】は、オンラインショップ構築の容易さだけではなく、

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3月の嵐のため、アンはギャルソン邸に泊まる事になりますが、 アンのために用意されて客間はアナベラ伯母が首を吊って死んだ部屋だと聞かされました。

Anne did not know if she could sleep at all or not. Suddenly there seemed something strange and alien in the room . . . something a little hostile. But is there not something strange about any room that has been occupied through generations? Death has lurked in it . . . love has been rosy red in it . . . births have been here . . . all the passions . . . all the hopes. It is full of wraths.

   at all  (条件文に用いて)少しでも

   lurk  vi.  隠れている、潜伏する

      Ex.  Some uneasines still lurked in my mind.


   wrath  n.  激怒、怒り

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