13. アンの幸福 二年目-13


"I feel like Miss Elizabeth today," she told Anne with a sigh of delightful excitement, as they drove away from Windy Poplars. "Will you please call me 'Miss Elizabeth' when you introduce me to your friends at Green Gables? It would make me feel so grown up."

"I will," promised Anne gravely, remembering a small, red-headed damsel who had once begged to be called Cordelia.

Elizabeth's drive from Blight River to Green Gables, over a road which only Prince Edward Island in June can show, was almost as ecstatic a thing for her as it had been for Anne that memorable spring evening so many years ago. The world was beautiful, with wind-rippled meadows on every hand and surprises lurking around every corner. She was with her beloved Miss Shirley; she would be free from the Woman for two whole weeks; she had a new pink gingham dress and a pair of lovely new brown boots. It was almost as if Tomorrow were already there . . . with fourteen Tomorrows to follow. Elizabeth's eyes were shining with dreams when they turned into the Green Gables lane where the pink wild roses grew.

      gravely  adv.  まじめに、重々しく、 厳粛に

      damsel    n.  女の子,少女

              ecstatic  adj.  恍惚(こうこつ)[うっとり]とした; 法悦の

       ripple  vi.  さざなみが立つ

             Ex. The wheat field rippled in the breeze.

              lurk  vi. 隠れている、潜在する

             Ex. Some uneasiness still lurked in my mind.






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12. アンの幸福-・・二年目-12

1週間後、ヘイゼルからアンに手紙が届きました。結果的にはヘイゼルにとっていい方向にいったものの、 アン自身については誤解されたままのようです。

"I am writing this to tell you that all misunderstanding is cleared away between Terry and me and we are so deeply, intensely, wonderfully happy that we have decided we can forgive you. Terry says he was just moonlighted into making love to you but that his heart never really swerved in its allegiance to me. He says he really likes sweet, simple girls . . . that all men do . . . and has no use for intriguing, designing ones.

   intensely  adv.  激しく

   be moonlighted  月に照らされて

   swerve  vi.  それる、はずれる、 急に向きを変える

        Ex. He swerved to miss the dog.


   allegiance  n.   忠誠、 誠意

         Ex.  an oath of allegiance  忠誠の近い

   inntriguing  adj.  好奇心をそそる


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11.アンの幸福 二年目-11


"Oh, I know it all! You told Terry I didn't love him . . . that I wanted to break our engagement . . . our sacred engagement!"

"Hazel . . . child!" (Kerchoo!)

"Oh, yes, sneer at me . . . sneer at everything. But don't try to deny it. You did it . . . and you did it deliberately."

"Of course, I did. You asked me to."

"I . . . asked . . . you . . . to!"

"Here, in this very room. You told me you didn't love him and could never marry him."

"Oh, just a mood, I suppose. I never dreamed you'd take me seriously. I thought you would understand the artistic temperament. You're ages older than I am, of course, but even you can't have forgotten the crazy ways girls talk . . . feel. You who pretended to be my friend!"

   kerchoo  ハクション

   sneer vi. あざ笑う、冷笑する、鼻であしらう

       Ex.  He sneers at religion.

      deliberately  adv.  故意に、計画的に、わざと

   very  adj.  まさしくその、ちょうどその、 〜にほかならない

       Ex. You must do it this very day. 


   temperament  n. 気質、気性

       Ex. He's of nervous temperament. 彼は神経質だ。



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"You have such a fascinating smile . . . such a haunting smile. I knew the moment I first saw you that you would understand everything. We are on the same plane. Sometimes I think I must be psychic, Miss Shirley. I always know so instinctively the moment I meet any one whether I'm going to like them or not. I felt at once that you were sympathetic . . . that you would understand. It's so sweet to be understood. Nobody understands me, Miss Shirley . . . nobody. But when I saw you, some inner voice whispered to me, 'She will understand . . . with her you can be your real self.' Oh, Miss Shirley, let's be real . . . let's always be real. Oh, Miss Shirley, do you love me the leastest, tiniest bit?"

   haunting  adj.  忘れられない、 しばしば心に浮かぶ

         Ex. a haunting melody  忘れられないメロディー

   plane  程度、水準、段階 on the same plane  同一のレベル

   psychic  n. 霊媒、超能力者、みこ

   instinctively  adv.  本能的に、 直感的に

         Ex. Instinctively, he stepped on the brakes.


   sympathetic adj. 思いやりのある

         Ex. a sympathetic listener  人の話を親身に聞いてくれる人


初心者でも簡単にオンラインショップが構築できちゃう、【Color Me Shop! pro】は、

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9.. アンの幸福・・二年目 April 20th

アンのギルバートへの手紙は、起こるかどうかもわからない明日の事を恐れるより、大胆に期待に満ちて今日を楽しみましょうという、 前向きな気持が出ていて、アンらしいものです。

So many kill-joys, afraid to enjoy today because of what tomorrow will bring.

"Gilbert darling, don't let's ever be afraid of things. It's such dreadful slavery. Let's be daring and adventurous and expectant. Let's dance to meet life and all it can bring to us, even if it brings scads of trouble and typhoid and twins!

   kill-joy  座興をそぐ人、興ざめな人

   ever  adv.  (否定文で)決して〜ない not ever= never

              Ex. I won't ever forget you.


   slavery  骨の折れる仕事、苦役

   daring  adj.  大胆な、向こう見ずな

       Ex. a daring act  大胆な行動

   scads of  たくさん

       Ex. scads of money  たくさんの金

   typhoid n. 腸チフス



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