第43章 二つの影


Anne felt like a released bird . . . she was flying again. Gilbert's arms were around her . . . his eyes were looking into hers in the moonlight.

"You do love me, Gilbert? I'm not just a habit with you? You haven't said you loved me for so long."

"My dear, dear love! I didn't think you needed words to know that. I couldn't live without you. Always you give me strength. There's a verse somewhere in the Bible that is meant for you . . . 'She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.'"

Life which had seemed so grey and foolish a few moments before was golden and rose and splendidly rainbowed again. The diamond pendant slipped to the floor, unheeded for the moment. It was beautiful . . . but there were so many things lovelier . . . confidence and peace and delightful work . . . laughter and kindness . . . that old safe feeling of a sure love.

"Oh, if we could keep this moment for ever, Gilbert!"

"We're going to have some moments. It's time we had a second honeymoon. Anne, there's going to be a big medical congress in London next February. We're going to it . . . and after it we'll see a bit of the Old World. There's a holiday coming to us. We'll be nothing but lovers again . . . it will be just like being married over again. You haven't been like yourself for a long time. ("So he had noticed.") You're tired and overworked . . . you need a change. ("You too, dearest. I've been so horribly blind.") I'm not going to have it cast up to me that doctors' wives never get a pill. We'll come back rested and fresh, with our sense of humour completely restored. Well, try your pendant on and let's get to bed. I'm half dead for sleep . . . haven't had a decent night's sleep for weeks, what with twins and worry over Mrs. Garrow."

"What on earth were you and Christine talking about so long in the garden tonight?" asked Anne, peacocking before the mirror with her diamonds.

Gilbert yawned.

"Oh, I don't know. Christine just gabbled on. But here is one fact she presented me with. A flea can jump two hundred times its own length. Did you know that, Anne?"

   unheeded  adj.  留意されない、無視された

          Ex. My advice went unheeded.  私の忠告は無視された。

   Old World  n.  ヨーロッパ

   nothing but 〜 ただ〜のみ、 〜にほかならない

          Ex. I think of nothing but your return. 


   peacock  vt.  着飾る

   gabble  vi.  早口にしゃべる

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第42章 結婚記念日


"Does anybody ever eat philopenas now?" asked Dr. Murray, who had just cracked a twin almond. Christine turned to Gilbert.

"Do you remember that philopena we ate once?" she asked.

("Did a significant look pass between them?")

"Do you suppose I could forget it?" asked Gilbert.

They plunged into a spate of "do-you-remembers," while Anne stared at the picture of fish and oranges hanging over the sideboard. She had never thought that Gilbert and Christine had had so many memories in common. "Do you remember our picnic up the Arm? . . . Do you remember the night we went to the negro church? . . . Do you remember the night we went to the masquerade? . . . you were a Spanish lady in a black velvet dress with a lace mantilla and fan."

Gilbert apparently remembered them all in detail. But he had forgotten his wedding anniversary!

  philopenas  n.  (ゲーム)フィロピーナ


  significant  adj.  意味ありげな

         Ex. a significant nod  意味ありげなうなずき

  pass between 〜の間に起こる

         Ex. Nothing passed between Mary and me. 


  a spate of  (言葉などの)ほとばしり

         Ex.  a spate of words  ほとばしり出る言葉

  manntilla  n. マンティラ(スペイン・ メキシコなどの夫人が頭から肩にかける大きなスカーフ)



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第41章 霧雨

万事がうまくいかない日もあるもので、アンはその日マリラからの弱々しい筆跡の手紙と、 ギルバートが以前婚約したとの噂のあったクリスチンスチュアートと会って欲しいというドーソン夫人からの手紙を読み動揺していました。

The noon mail brought her two letters. One was from Marilla . . . but Anne sighed as she folded it up. Marilla's handwriting was getting so frail and shaky. The other letter was from Mrs. Barrett Fowler of Charlottetown whom Anne knew very slightly. And Mrs. Barrett Fowler wanted Dr. and Mrs. Blythe to dine with her next Tuesday night at seven o'clock "to meet your old friend, Mrs. Andrew Dawson of Winnipeg, nee Christine Stuart."

Anne dropped the letter. A flood of old memories poured over her . . . some of them decidedly unpleasant. Christine Stuart of Redmond . . . the girl to whom people had once said Gilbert was engaged . . . the girl of whom she had once been so bitterly jealous . . . yes, she admitted it now, twenty years after . . . she had been jealous . . . she had hated Christine Stuart. She had not thought of Christine for years but she remembered her distinctly. A tall, ivory-white girl with great dark-blue eyes and blue-black masses of hair. And a certain air of distinction.

   frail   adj.  弱い

       Ex. He 's old and rather frail.


      shaky adj. 震える

       Ex. I feel a bit shaky still.  まだちょっと足がふらふらする。

      decidedly adv. 明らかに

       Ex. This is cecidedly better than that.


      masses of hair  ふさふさとした髪 

      distinction n. 優秀性、気品

       Ex.  a writer of distinction  著名な作家



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第40章 裏切り者


Look at my new ring, girls. A boy I know at Lowbridge give it to me."

"Why, I've seen Diana Blythe wearing that ring often," said Peggy MacAllister contemptuously.

"And I don't believe one single word you've been saying about Ingleside, Delilah Green," said Laura Carr.

Before Delilah could reply Diana, who had recovered her powers of locomotion and speech, dashed into the schoolroom.

"Judas!" she said. Afterwards she thought repentantly that it had not been a very ladylike thing to say. But she had been stung to the heart and when your feelings are all stirred up you can't pick and choose your words.

   contemptuously  adv.  軽蔑して

      locomotion  n. 動くこと、運動

      Judas n. ユダ・ (友情を装った)裏切り者

      repentantly adv. 後悔して

      stir  vt.  奮起させる

            Ex.  This town needs stirring up.


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アンの娘、ダイアナブライスには、親友が引っ越してからこれといった腹心の友はいませんでした。 そして今新しい友達が出来ようとしています。

"Can I be your dearest friend this year?" asked Delilah Green, during that afternoon recess.

Delilah had very round, dark-blue eyes, sleek sugar-brown curls, a small rosy mouth, and a thrilling voice with a little quaver in it. Diana Blythe responded to the charm of that voice instantly.

It was known in the Glen school that Diana Blythe was rather at loose ends for a chum. For two years she and Pauline Reese had been cronies but Pauline's family had moved away and Diana felt very lonely. Pauline had been a good sort.

   sleek  adv.  (毛髪・毛皮など)なめらかな、 つやのある

      quaver n. 震え声

      at loose ends  何もすることがなくて、手持ちぶさたで

      chum n. 仲良し、 親友

       Ex. be chums with  〜と仲良しである。

      crony n. 親友、旧友、 仲間

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