第33章 海辺にて


Mother ran and caught her in her arms.

"Darling, what a fright you have given us! Oh, where have you been?"

Nan had almost had the breath battered out of her. She could only gasp, as she felt Mother's arms enfolding her:

"Oh, Mother, I'm me . . . really me. I'm not Cassie Thomas and I'll never be anybody but me again."

"The poor pet is delirious," said Susan. "She must have et something that disagreed with her."

Anne bathed Nan and put her to bed before she would let her talk. Then she heard the whole story.

"Oh, Mummy, am I really your child?"

"Of course, darling.

    batter  vi.  続けざまにする、荒々しくする

   gasp  vt.  あえぎながら言う

    Ex. "Help! Help! " he gasped.

    enfold  vt.  抱く

    Ex. enfold a baby in one's arms.  両腕で赤ん坊を抱く

  delirious  adj.  精神が錯乱して

    Ex.  He was delirious with fever.  彼は高熱でうわごとを言った。

  bath  vt.  入浴させる

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第32章 ドヴィー


"People say you folks at Ingleside tell each other everything. Susan'd pick it out of you in no time."

"She wouldn't. I know lots of things I've never told Susan. Secrets. I'll tell mine to you if you'll tell me yours."

"Oh, I'm not int'rested in the secrets of a little girl like you," said Dovie.

A nice insult that! Nan thought her little secrets were lovely . . . that one wild cherry trees she had found blooming in the spruce wood away back behind Mr. Taylor's hay barn . . . her dream of a tiny white fairy lying on a lily pad in the marsh . . . her fancy of a boat coming up the harbour drawn by swans attached to silver chains . . . the romance she was beginning to weave about the beautiful lady at the old MacAllister place. They were all very wonderful and magical to Nan and she felt glad, when she thought it over, that she did not have to tell them to Dovie after all.

   insult  n.  侮辱

   EX. They treated him with cruelty and insult.


  spruce  n.  トウヒ(マツ科の常緑樹)

  a lily pad  睡蓮の葉

  marsh n. 沼

  fancy n. 空想


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第31章 暴徒


When Di got up from saying her prayers Jenny laughed.

"My, but you're old-fashioned. You looked so funny and holy saying your prayers. I didn't know anybody said prayers now. Prayers ain't any good. What do you say them for?"

"I've got to save my soul," said Di, quoting Susan.

"I haven't any soul," mocked Jenny.

"Perhaps not, but I have," said Di, drawing herself up.

Jenny looked at her. But the spell of Jenny's eyes was broken. Never again would Di succumb to its magic.

   any good  役に立つ

   quote  vt. (他人の言葉を)引用する

   mock  vt.  嘲る

      draw oneself up  胸を張る、きちんと座りなおす

       Ex.  draw oneself up to one's full height  居丈高になる

   succumb to  屈服する、負ける

       Ex. succumb to temptation  誘惑に負ける



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第30章 春の炎


The spotlight in the little drama of life at Ingleside shifted from time to time, now falling on this one, now on that. They had got through the winter without anything very much out of the way happening to anyone and in June it was Di's turn to have an adventure.

A new girl had begun coming to school . . . a girl who said, when the teacher asked her her name, "I am Jenny Penny," as one might say, "I am Queen Elizabeth," or "I am Helen of Troy." You felt the minute she said it that not to know Jenny Penny argued yourself unknown, and not to be condescended to by Jenny Penny meant you didn't exist at all. At least, that was how Diana Blythe felt about it, even if she couldn't have put it into those exact words.

   out of the way  常軌を逸した、異常な

     Ex. That's a little out of the way.  それは少し変だ。

   argue vt.  人が〜であることを示す。

     Ex. His bbrhavior argues him selfish.


   unknown  adj.  取るに足らな人、 知られていない人

   condescend  vi.  わざと親切にする

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第29章 駒鳥たち


Anne was busy in her garden every warm day, drinking in colour like wine, where the late sunshine fell on crimson maples, revelling in the exquisite sadness of fleeting beauty. One gold-grey smoky afternoon she and Jem planted all the tulip bulbs, that would have a resurrection of rose and scarlet and purple and gold in June. "Isn't it nice to be preparing for spring when you know you've got to face winter, Jem?" "And it's nice to be making the garden beautiful," said Jem. "Susan says it is God who makes everything beautiful but we can help Him out a bit, can't we, Mums?"

"Always . . . always, Jem. He shares that privilege with us."

   drink in  見とれる

     Ex.  The traveler drank in the beauty of the scene.


   revel in  大いに楽しむ

     Ex. revel in scandal


   fleeting  adj.  つかの間の

     Ex. つかの間の時間

   resurrection  n.  復活

   privilege  n.  特典

     Ex. the privileges of birth  名門の特権


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