第23章 老人の墓


His old fields had given him bread and delight, joy of conquest and comfort in sorrow. Anne was satisfied because he was buried near them. He might have "gone gladly" but he had lived gladly, too. The Mowbray Narrows doctor had said that when he told Anthony Mitchell he could hold out to him no hope of recovery Anthony had smiled and replied, "Well, life is a trifle monotonous at times now I'm getting old. Death will be something of a change. I'm real curious about it, doctor."

   hold out hope  希望を抱かせる

    Ex. The airline held out to the relatives the hope that some passengers might have survived.


   a trifle  n.  少し

    Ex. I was a trifle vexed.  ちょっと腹が立った。

   monotonous  adj.  退屈な Ex.  monotonous work

      something of a 〜 ちょっとした〜

    Ex. His novel was something of a success.



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第22章 四月の雪


April came tiptoeing in beautifully that year with sunshine and soft winds for a few days; and then a driving northeast snowstorm dropped a white blanket over the world again. "Snow in April is abominable," said Anne. "Like a slap in the face when you expected a kiss."

   tiptoe  vi. つま先で歩く

   driving  adj.  猛烈な、激しい

       Ex. in driving snow  吹雪の中で

   abominable  実にいやな、不快な

       Ex.  The weather here in winter is abominable.


   slap  n.  (平手で)ピシャリと打つ事


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I . . . I . . . there is something I must tell you, Mother. You'll be awfully disappointed, Mother . . . but I didn't mean to deceive you, Mother . . . truly I didn't."

"I'm sure you didn't, dear. What is it? Don't be afraid."

"Oh, Mother dearwums, those pearls aren't real pearls . . . I thought they were . . . I did think they were . . . did . . ."

Jem's eyes were full of tears. He couldn't go on.

This needed all the secret wisdom of mothers.

"Jem, I never thought you supposed they were real pearls. I knew they weren't . . . at least in one sense of real. In another, they are the most real things I've ever had given me. Because there was love and work and self-sacrifice in them . . . and that makes them more precious to me than all the gems that divers have fished up from the sea for queens to wear. Darling, I wouldn't exchange my pretty beads for the necklace I read of last night which some millionaire gave his bride and which cost half a million. So that shows you what your gift is worth to me, dearest of dear little sons. Do you feel better now?"

   work n. 労働、作業

      fish  vi. 探す

      Ex.  He fished in his pocket for the key.


      exchange 〜for...  〜を...と交換する

      Ex. Will you exchange your seat for mine?


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第20章 真鍮の豚


Mother was up when he went into her room, brushing her long shining hair before the glass. Her eyes when she saw the necklace!

"Jem darling! For me!"

"Now you won't have to wait till Dad's ship comes in," said Jem with a fine nonchalance. What was that gleaming greenly on Mother's hand? A ring . . . Dad's present. All very well, but rings were common things . . . even Sissy Flagg had one. But a pearl necklace!

"A necklace is such a nice birthdayish thing," said Mother.

    one's ship comes in  金が入る、 金をもうける。


   with nonchalance  平然と

   gleam  vi.  かすかに光る、きらりと光る

       Ex. A fire gleamed in the darkness.


   greenly  adv. 緑色に





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"What kind of a dog is he, darling?" asked Anne dubiously.

"I . . . I think he's a lot of kinds," said Jem. "That makes him more interesting, don't you think, Mother? More exciting than if he was just one kind. Please, Mother."

"Oh, if your father says yes . . ."

Gilbert said "yes" and Jem entered into his heritage. Everybody at Ingleside welcomed Gyp into the family, except the Shrimp, who expressed his opinion without circumlocution. Even Susan took a liking to him and when she spun in the garret on rainy days Gyp, in his master's absence at school, stayed with her, gloriously hunting imaginary rats in dark corners and uttering a yelp of terror whenever his eagerness brought him too close to the little spinning-wheel.

      circumlocution  n.  回りくどさ、回りくどい表現

   take a liking to  〜が気に入る、〜を好きになる

   spin  vt. 紡ぐ

   utter  vt.  発する、口から出す

      Ex. utter a groan  うめき声を発する

   yelp  n.  キャンキャンなく声


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