"Do you mean to tell me," demanded Mary, "that I'd be sent to hell for telling a lie now and then? Why, I HAD to. Mr. Wiley would have broken every bone in my body one time if I hadn't told him a lie.  

Una sighed. Here were too many difficulties for her to solve. She shuddered as she thought of being cruelly whipped. Very likely she would have lied too. She squeezed Mary's little calloused hand. "Is that the only dress you've got?" asked Faith, whose joyous nature refused to dwell on disagreeable subjects.

"I just put on this dress because it was no good," cried Mary flushing. "Mrs. Wiley'd bought my clothes and I wasn't going to be beholden to her for anything. And I'm honest. If I was going to run away I wasn't going to take what belong to HER that was worth anything. When I grow up I'm going to have a blue sating dress. Your own clothes don't look so stylish. I thought ministers' children were always dressed up."  

   shudder vi.  ぞっと身震いする

        Ex. He shuddered at the sight of it.  彼はそれを見てぞっとした。

   whip  vt. (子供などを)折檻する

   callous  adj.  硬くなった、たこになった

   joyous  adj  = joyful  陽気な

        Ex. a joyful look  うれしそうな顔つき

   beholden   adj.  恩義を受けて

        Ex. I'm much beholden toyou for your kindness.  ご親切まことにありがとう存じます。


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第4章 牧師館の子供たち


Nobody cared whether the manse children were out in the damp or not. Aunt Martha was already in bed and the minister was still too deeply lost in speculations concerning the immortality of the soul to remember the mortality of the body. But they went home, too, with visions of good times coming in their heads.

"I think Rainbow Valley is even nicer than the graveyard," said Una. "And I just love those dear Blythes. It's SO nice when you can love people because so often you CAN'T. Father said in his sermon last Sunday that we should love everybody. But how can we? How could we love Mrs. Alec Davis?"

"Oh, father only said that in the pulpit," said Faith airily. "He has more sense than to really think it outside."

The Blythe children went up to Ingleside, except Jem, who slipped away for a few moments on a solitary expedition to a remote corner of Rainbow Valley. Mayflowers grew there and Jem never forgot to take his mother a bouquet as long as they lasted.

   damp  adj. じめじめした

       Ex. a damp day  じめじめした日

   too deeply lost in speculations concerning the immortality of thesoul to remember the mortality of the body


   airily  adv.  軽く、軽やかに

   sence n. 思慮、認識、常識

   solitry adj. ひとりの

       Ex. a solitary walk  ひとりの散歩


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第3章 炉辺荘の子どもたち


In daytime the Blythe children liked very well to play in the rich, soft greens and glooms of the big maple grove between Ingleside and the Glen St. Mary pond; but for evening revels there was no place like the little valley behind the maple grove. It was a fairy realm of romance to them. Once, looking from the attic windows of Ingleside, through the mist and aftermath of a summer thunderstorm, they had seen the beloved spot arched by a glorious rainbow, one end of which seemed to dip straight down to where a corner of the pond ran up into the lower end of the valley.

"Let us call it Rainbow Valley," said Walter delightedly, and Rainbow Valley thenceforth it was.

Outside of Rainbow Valley the wind might be rollicking and boisterous. Here it always went gently. 

   gloom  n.  暗がり、暗闇

   revel  n. お祭り騒ぎ

   run up into〜 〜の中に達する、〜まで延びている

   rollicking  adj.  はしゃぎ回る

   boisterous  adj.  (風・波など)荒れ狂う、 大暴れの

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第2章 村の噂


And Thomas Carlyle is nine. They call him Carl, and he has a regular mania for collecting toads and bugs and frogs and bringing them into the house."

"I suppose he was responsible for the dead rat that was lying on a chair in the parlour the afternoon Mrs. Grant called. It gave her a turn," said Susan, "and I do not wonder, for manse parlours are no places for dead rats. To be sure it may have been the cat who left it, there. HE is as full of the old Nick as he can be stuffed, Mrs. Dr. dear. A manse cat should at least LOOK respectable, in my opinion, whatever he really is. But I never saw such a rakish-looking beast. And he walks along the ridgepole of the manse almost every evening at sunset, Mrs. Dr. dear, and waves his tail, and that is not becoming."

   parlour  n.  客間、居間(現在ではliving roomが一般的)

   a turn n. ぎょっとする(させる)こと

         Ex. The sight gave me quite a turn.


   manse  n.  牧師館

   old Nick  n.  悪魔

   rakish  adj.  放蕩な

   becoming  adj.  ふさわしい

         Ex.  Such conduct is not becoming to a respected businessman.



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第1章 帰郷


"Here is Cornelia Bryant coming up the harbour road, Mrs. Dr. dear," said Susan. "She will be coming up to unload threemonths' gossip on us."

"I hope so," said Anne, hugging her knees. "I'm starving for Glen St. Mary gossip, Susan. I hope Miss Cornelia can tell me everything that has happened while we've been away--EVERYTHING-- who has got born, or married, or drunk; who has died, or gone away, or come, or fought, or lost a cow, or found a beau. It's so delightful to be home again with all the dear Glen folks, and I want to know all about them. Why, I remember wondering, as I walked through Westminster Abbey which of her two especial beaux Millicent Drew would finally marry. Do you know, Susan, I have a dreadful suspicion that I love gossip."

 "Well, of course, Mrs. Dr. dear," admitted Susan, "every proper woman likes to hear the news. I am rather interested in Millicent Drew's case myself. I never had a beau, much less two, and I do not mind now, for being an old maid does not hurt when you get used to it. Millicent's hair always looks to me as if she had swept it up with a broom. But the men do not seem to mind that."

"They see only her pretty, piquant, mocking, little face, Susan."

   especial  adj.  特別な、 格別の (現在ではspecialのほうが一般的

   beaux  n.  beau の複数形


   suspicion that 〜 〜という感じ

         Ex. I had a suspicion that he was there.


   much less まして〜でない

         Ex. He doesn't even let me use his bicycle, much less his car.


   piquant adj. 人の心を小粋にそそる

   mock vi.  あざける


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